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Business Directory Program FAQ

New York State Cannabis Connect is an online platform that serves as a resource for businesses and consumers in New York’s emerging cannabis industry. We’re developing a new online resource, a free online B2B directory, or industry yellow pages, aimed to help business owners source for needed business services. No matter what level of the industry you’re in, our online directory will help you find the right partner to fulfill your company needs. With this new resource, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help clarify what this tool will accomplish.

Who is NYSCC? 

New York State Cannabis Connect is the industry-leading resource for businesses and consumers to learn, collaborate, and find success with the cannabis industry in New York State.

What exactly does this platform do and what products do you sell? 

Our platform does not sell products. We offer businesses and consumers with completely free resources that include industry advice, tips, trainings, and information on regulations.

How will this online business directory help my business?

This directory will help businesses connect and hire other businesses to fulfill their industry needs.

My business is already thriving, why should I join?

Whether your business is already thriving or starting from the ground level, our directory is beneficial to all! Listing your business will provide free exposure for your business into a new network and industry.

Will this directory list my business as a business that sells cannabis?

No. Although we aim to empower businesses in the cannabis industry, all businesses listed in the directory are not actively involved in the market. All businesses listed here are open and willing to work with cannabis businesses.

Is this directory really free to use and join?

Yes. We offer this feature for free, at no cost to users. It’s free to join and use the directory.

What will your directory say about my business?

For each listing, we provide the company’s name, address, store hours, and services provided.

Is the directory just for business owners or consumers too?

At this time, the directory is focused on businesses.

Will this site sell my info? 

No, we will not sell your information, nor will we spam you. You can also request to be removed from the directory at any time.