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Discover how to open a retail location that sells cannabis

  Nov 27, 2023

How Much Cannabis Do New Yorkers Smoke, and What Is the Cost in NYC?

Greek tennis player Maria Sakkari lost to Rebeka Masarova of Spain in the...

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  Jul 03, 2023

How the Search for Retail Locations is Delaying New York's Cannabis Legal Market

A dispensary is where the legal cannabis industry's supply chain ends and where...

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  Jun 12, 2023

How Gov. Hochul Wants to Shut Down Unlicensed Cannabis Businesses

The legalization of cannabis sales in New York has not yet been fully...

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  Jun 12, 2023

New York to Double Cannabis Retail Dispensary Licenses to Boost Legal Market

New York is increasing the number of licenses for cannabis dispensaries granted to...

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  Apr 04, 2023

The Hurdles to Open New York's Conditional Cannabis Dispensaries in Time

The clock is ticking for New York's cannabis regulators as they are expected...

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  Apr 02, 2023

Cannabis censorship on social media: how to promote your business accordingly

The legalization of recreational cannabis in over 18 US states has created a...

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  Mar 14, 2023

OCM Sends Cease and Desist Letters

As soon as former Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation...

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  Jan 12, 2023

New York Announces Where The First Legal Cannabis Store Will Be Located

Soon, New Yorkers will be able to buy cannabis products from a legal...

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  Dec 08, 2022

How much would it cost to start a cannabis dispensary in New York?

New York's cannabis legislation is rolling out swiftly. Despite an initial delay, local...

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  Aug 05, 2022

A New Senate Bill Could Crack Down on the Gray Area of Non-Licensed Cannabis Businesses in New York

Though recreational cannabis has been legalized in New York, citizens have yet to...

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  Jun 26, 2022

Inside the World of the Dispensary Interior Design

The first medical cannabis dispensary to open its doors in the United States...

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  Jun 23, 2022

What to look for in a Budtender

It is not easy to be a successful budtender. There are many different...

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