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Discover the short and long-term effects of cannabis use on your body and mind.

  Nov 25, 2022

Why People Microdose and How It Has Helped Them

In contemporary society where working a 9-to-5 job has become more commonplace, proper...

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  Nov 18, 2022

Cannabis Allergies and Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

What Is a Cannabis Allergy? A cannabis allergy is a negative response in...

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  Jul 11, 2022

Mindfully Micro: The How, Why, and When of Microdosing

You've probably heard the term "microdosing" associated with psychedelic drugs, but microdosing can...

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  Jul 01, 2022

Cannabis & Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

With cannabis legalization rising across the country, there are many questions we will...

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  Jun 17, 2022

Is My Significant Other Using Too Much Cannabis? Is Overconsumption a Problem?

Cannabis is the third most commonly used substance in the United States after...

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  Jun 02, 2022

Signed, smoked, delivered: A guide on how to order cannabis right to your door

Smoking cannabis is becoming very popular these days. However, two challenges often get...

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  May 28, 2022

Where Can I Consume Cannabis in NYS? (Air Act of 1967/1970)

New York is going to see an increase in public weed use in...

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  Apr 25, 2022

What is the difference between an indica, sativa, and hybrid?

Marijuana and hemp are the two most popular cousins from the Cannabis family,...

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  Apr 18, 2022

What are the different ways someone can consume cannabis?

Marijuana and smoking are often thought to be synonymous, but there are numerous...

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  Apr 15, 2022

Smoke the best: A guide on how to pick the best flower for you

If you are new to smoking cannabis, you need to find the right...

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  Apr 12, 2022

MCT Oil: Meet butter's healthier, cannabis-friendly cousin

There is always some top product in dieting culture that promises relief from...

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  Apr 11, 2022

Stigmas and Cannabis use

New York has decriminalized cannabis, but has culture and society? As states legalize...

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