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Social Equity

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Articles on the history, progress, and current efforts for social equity in the NYS cannabis industry.

  Feb 29, 2024

A Debt Unsettled: Why New York Owes Social Equity in Cannabis to Black New Yorkers

The pungent aroma of fresh legalization hangs heavy in the air of New...

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  Feb 28, 2024

Words as Weapons: How Language Fueled the Criminalization of Black and Brown Communities through Cannabis

Cannabis in America has a tangled history, woven with threads of opportunity and...

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  Feb 27, 2024

Blazing Trails: Black Culture and Cannabis Intertwined in New York

The story of cannabis and Black culture in New York is not just...

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  Feb 26, 2024

From Soul Sessions to Smoke-Filled Studios: The Deep Roots of Cannabis in Black Music

The story of Black music in America is a vibrant tapestry woven with...

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  Nov 22, 2023

Is the Implementation of New York's Cannabis Legislation Marginalizing the Black Community?

Even cannabis legislation like the one in New York State, which sought to...

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  Nov 20, 2023

Big Cannabis to Enter New York's Legal Market: Is it Good or Bad?

New York's cannabis regulators have expanded the entities eligible to apply for a...

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  Jun 12, 2023

New York to Double Cannabis Retail Dispensary Licenses to Boost Legal Market

New York is increasing the number of licenses for cannabis dispensaries granted to...

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  Apr 10, 2023

Why Cannabis Legalization is a Human Rights Issue

The debate over cannabis legalization is not just about consuming cannabis and enjoying...

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  Jan 08, 2023

Judge Blocks New York From Issuing CAURD Licensing In Five Regions

A temporary injunction issued by a federal judge may bar New York cannabis...

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  Nov 21, 2022

Meet Gahjii Lewis: Stiiizy's Cannabis Scientist Who Broke Into The Cannabis Industry

When Gahjii Lewis was young, he never thought he would end up working...

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  Nov 18, 2022

Every New York CAURD Application Is a War-On-Drugs Story

The first thing Willie Thomas, 37, thought when he learned about the legalization...

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  Nov 07, 2022

Cannabis Attorney Scheril Murray Powell Shares Her Opinion On The Implementation Of New York Cannabis Legislation

The implementation of cannabis legislation in New York is progressing at a hectic...

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