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Commercial Cultivators

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Learn the art and science of growing legal cannabis

  Mar 31, 2023

What the Cannabis Industry Can Learn From the Wine Industry

Since Colorado legalized the use of recreational cannabis in 2012, the cannabis industry...

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  Mar 17, 2023

Finger Lakes Region Perfect Setting for Cannabis Cultivation

The New York State Finger Lakes is uniquely positioned to be the perfect...

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  Mar 17, 2023

Seed to Sell – What Might That Look Like in NY?

Although recreational use of cannabis was legalized in New York in early 2021,...

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  Aug 01, 2022

From CBD to Adult-Use Cannabis: How This Company Got a New York Cultivator License

Although New York legalized recreational cannabis in March 2021, regulators have yet to...

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  Jun 06, 2022

From Field to Factory: How to prepare a cannabis harvest for manufacturing

Cannabis goes through a series of stages during its life cycle. Once cannabis...

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  Jun 04, 2022

Licensed Brands and Access to Banking

With cannabis still federally classified as an illegal Schedule 1 drug, many institutions...

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  May 31, 2022

What are the basics of building a cannabis brand?

Are you an entrepreneur interested in the cannabis business, or are you interested...

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  Apr 28, 2022

How do you build consumer trust in cannabis?

Cannabis as a medicinal alternative has been associated with many trust issues, such...

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  Apr 21, 2022

Why should you care about launching your cannabis business legally?

The cannabis market is packed with a variety of options for entrepreneurs. To...

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  Apr 18, 2022

Selling Cannabis vs. Hemp

Do you know which plant among cannabis and hemp can be sold more...

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  Apr 14, 2022

ABCs of THC & CBD: How do these compounds work with your products?

The cannabis plant produces more than 113 different compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids like...

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  Apr 13, 2022

As NYS seeks to become leader in cannabis, upstate should not be forgotten

Every Upstate New Yorker knows the pain of the question “Where are you...

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